Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Truly Matters

The recent wild fires in our province, specifcally the devastation in Slave Lake has impacted me, called me to action and made me ask myself some difficult questions. What would I take if I only had a few minutes to evacuate? Where would I go? Would I be able to start over with nothing?

Over the past few days I have been going through my family closets gathering clothes and toiletries to help those that have been displaced by Sundays massive wild fire in Slave Lake, Alberta. I've been looking around my house and creating a mental list of things I would be sure to grab is faced with the same situation. After insuring that kids and family pets were accounted for, next on my list are the many family scrapbooks, special photos and digital copies of all of our family photos. New toys, books and clothes can replace the old, but family memories cannot be recreated.

The clutter in my home, which normally annoys me, is something I am now so greatful for. The artwork my kids create, craft projects, and special notes they have written are other pieces of who we are, and tell out unique story. I would really want to take that stuff with me as well! I can buy them a new jacket or pair of shoes, but I can't ask them to create a 4yr old finger painting project now that they are 9 and 10! It has become so clear to me that our homes are more than a collection of "stuff" that can be replaced, our homes carry little pieces of us, our story and represent who we really are. Some of these things just simply cannot be replaced.

However, for those that are now in the long process of rebuilding their lives, more immediate needs are at the top of their lists. Already citizens from accross Alberta have been providing so much support. So much so, they are struggling to keep it organized and effectively distributing it to those in need. There are many people involved in the relief effort to find out more check out these links.

If you would like to keep informed about this and other wildfires in Alberta here is another important link.

Have a great week out there battling mosquitos and check back here for more information and ideas to help those in need!

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