Thursday, June 23, 2011

Planning a Simple (but intentional) Summer

With the kids finishing up their last days of school, the time is now to plan what kind of summer everyone wants to enjoy. While one of the best things about summer is the fact that our schedules have more flexibility if we leave the next eight weeks completely open we might miss doing things, going places and connecting with people.

Step One: Have everyone in the family make a list of things they want to do or see this summer. These items can be grandiose or simple activities enjoyed right in your own backyard. Without knowing what everyone has on their "to do" list we run the risk of missing out on some great opportunities and ideas. Compile a master list, post it in a visible spot in your house and cross things off as they are completed. This list can provide a great outline for that back to school essay "What I did on Summer Vacation".

Step Two: Make a list of things family members DON'T want to do on summer vacation. These can include things like unplugging from video games, television or chatting on line. The more time spent outside in the great outdoors, the better.

Step Three: Sit down with a calendar and start strategizing and scheduling when these "to do" items are actually going to happen. Without a deadline, plans run the risk of getting postponed and before we know it our summer is over and we are left feeling disappointed! Scheduling every minute of everyday is not the point here. Simply mapping out a rough idea of when and where the family will be, helps insure everyone gets to check off their summer "bucket list".

Check back here for some great ideas and events that are happening in and around Beaumont!

Enjoy the sunshine !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Town and Country Days

hope many of you were able to enjoy the fun activities and the great weather we had at Beaumont Town and Country Days. I have included some photos here from both the slip and slide and the parade. There were so many opportunities to develop assets within our kids from the town of Beaumont! I'm so looking forward to the Movie in the Park on July 8th!

Here is a local "start-up" business showcasing their wares and developing assets!

Summer Program staff, looks like a very fun bunch!

Racing back up to the top of the slide!

Get ready for the refreshing SPLASH!

How refreshing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Truly Matters

The recent wild fires in our province, specifcally the devastation in Slave Lake has impacted me, called me to action and made me ask myself some difficult questions. What would I take if I only had a few minutes to evacuate? Where would I go? Would I be able to start over with nothing?

Over the past few days I have been going through my family closets gathering clothes and toiletries to help those that have been displaced by Sundays massive wild fire in Slave Lake, Alberta. I've been looking around my house and creating a mental list of things I would be sure to grab is faced with the same situation. After insuring that kids and family pets were accounted for, next on my list are the many family scrapbooks, special photos and digital copies of all of our family photos. New toys, books and clothes can replace the old, but family memories cannot be recreated.

The clutter in my home, which normally annoys me, is something I am now so greatful for. The artwork my kids create, craft projects, and special notes they have written are other pieces of who we are, and tell out unique story. I would really want to take that stuff with me as well! I can buy them a new jacket or pair of shoes, but I can't ask them to create a 4yr old finger painting project now that they are 9 and 10! It has become so clear to me that our homes are more than a collection of "stuff" that can be replaced, our homes carry little pieces of us, our story and represent who we really are. Some of these things just simply cannot be replaced.

However, for those that are now in the long process of rebuilding their lives, more immediate needs are at the top of their lists. Already citizens from accross Alberta have been providing so much support. So much so, they are struggling to keep it organized and effectively distributing it to those in need. There are many people involved in the relief effort to find out more check out these links.

If you would like to keep informed about this and other wildfires in Alberta here is another important link.

Have a great week out there battling mosquitos and check back here for more information and ideas to help those in need!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Fun Night Friday May 13th

Calling all Beaumont Families...are you looking for a fun night out as a family? Well The Town of Beaumont FCSS is hosting their second Family Fun Night. Come down to the Youth Centre from 5-7pm and join in a yummy barbecue and a springl craft the whole gang will enjoy. Please call Jenny for more information or to register! 780 929 3327.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Developmental Asset #1 Family Support

The Uncover your Assets Team is launching a media campaign to help raise awareness about Developmental Assets and provide valuable tips on how we can all become Asset Builders! These articles can be found in Beaumont News and right here on the FCSS Blog. Starting with Asset #1 seems logical, so here is my perspective on providing Family Support to our kids.

Families are integral in the transformation of children into successful adults. Here are several ways for parents to provide high levels of love and support.

Kids of all ages need to know that they are loved and supported by their families. This support can be shown in simple ways like a hug, regular conversations about daily life, or surprising them with a funny note in their school lunch bag.

Kids are likely to feel more supported when parents make an effort to spend special one on one time with them on a regular basis, or by creating a special scrapbook of photos that provides details about their life. Displaying photos of your child, their artwork and allowing them to have input into family meals are other ways to help your child feel valued and appreciated.Celebrating your child's success and appreciating the qualities that make them unique both verbally and in writing will also build support.

Establishing family traditions is one more way to create a supportive environment within your family. Weekly walks, special family nights or an annual camping trip wil help to build strong bonds within your family, not to mention great memories.

Sharing special inside jokes along with stories about your child will help them to feel connected and unique. While every child needs to feel supported by their family, there are many ways to make this happen. The future success of our children truly starts at home when parents are focused on supporting and loving their kids.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple P Parenting Seminar Coming to Beaumont

Whether you are a parent, practitioner or an organization that works with children, the international award winning Triple P - Positive Parenting Program has the answers to your parenting questions and needs. Leduc Regional Parent Link and Town of Beaumont FCSS Youth Outreach Program are proud to present Triple P Parenting for Teens on March 7th, 2011. Join us for this free program right here in our community of Beaumont and learn the skills necessary to effectively parent your teen.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leduc Regional Family Fun Fair

Calling all Beaumont and Area residents...are you looking for family friendly groups and organizations in your region? Well, the Leduc Regional Family Fun Fair is the place for you! Check out all the fun, family friendly activities at this annual event on April 29th at the Leduc Recreation Centre and learn more about different services and groups in your region. If you are a group and would like to participate in this event call Tonya Sabourin at 780 955 2386 to register!

Family Fun Night: February 25th, 2011

Join us for pizza dinner and funny family photo shoot with some of the funniest props around. Each family will be given all the supplies neded to make their own picture frames and have a photo session with our own professional photographer. Your family will go home full of laughter and with your family portraits that night!

Family Fun Night is at the Beaumont Community Youth Centre 5202 - 50th Street. The cost is $10/family (Subsidies available). Registration is required in person or at the town Office. Hurry, space is limited.

Uncover Your Assets together with the whole family.

Call Jenny for more information 780 929 3327

Family Day Fun: Disconnect to Connect!

The Challenge: Which Beaumont School can log the most hours of unplugged time families spend together this Family Day, Monday February 21, 2011.

Although our Blackberry's and IPod's connect up instantly, they also isolate us and prevent us from spendig time together.

Spend this Family Day;
  • playing board games
  • having dinner together
  • going skating or swimming
  • building a snow-family
  • doing anything all together

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keeping those New Years Resolutions

Below, you will find a You Tube video by the author Gretchen Rubin. She is the originator of the Happiness Project. Click and learn some very specific strategies to keep new years resolutions and for more information about the Happiness Project check out her BLOG.

Hold Yourself Accountable.

The Happiness Project

I was watching some daytime television today and there was an author being featured that I felt had some really important things to say. She launched a Happiness project for herself a few years ago that involved being more mindful of the positive things in her life, making time for play, and connecting with people that she really cares about. There is so much more to it, but I wanted to post a link to the site here. So check out the Happiness Project and let me know what you think! Are YOU up for the challenge?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sparks Matter: Finding Your Spark

2011: How will you be an Asset Builder this year?

Maybe this year mentoring a young person will become an assett builder this year. Watch this short video to see how people are providing a SPARK to young people. They talk about each person's SPARK and how it is the nudge that gets them out of bed in the morning, what makes them excited about life and motivates them to become the best person that they can be! For each person their spark is going to be different and having a caring adult help them to determine and develop their spark will help them to become a successful adult. So learn more about mentorship and helping kids develop their own SPARK!