Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Everyone Be An Asset Builder This Week!

These three suggestions come straight from the Search Institute and are some simple ways that we can all be asset builders to young people in our lives.

1. Ask a young person what their opinion is on something. It can be in relation to an important global issue, a recent movie they have seen, or something more personal to their life. Adults and young people alike are more likely to engage in a conversation when someone is interested in what they have to say.

2. Ask them to help you. I know nothing makes me feel better than to know that someone needs my help, young people can gain that same self of empowerment and self confidence from being asked to help out with something. Anytime two or more people work together on a project is a great opportunity to make a meaninful connection!

3. Give them your undivided attention. This one is HUGE and not as easy at it sounds to pull off. Anytime a caring adult can sit down with a young person and give them their undivided attention it sends an important message: You Are Important To Me! In order for this one to be successful it requires, one on one time, no distractions (turn off the tv, radio in the car, and put down that phone!), and a good listening ear!

Enjoy your week and have fun supporting and encouraging the young people in your life!

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