Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nice November!

This unseasonably warm November weather has got me in a very good mood! We have a few more days of pleasant weather in which to go for walks, bike rides, barbecue, clean up our yards and even hang Christmas lights if we are really organized! How are you enjoying this stretch of great weather?

How was your Halloween? Our kids didn't even need to hide their cute (or creepy) costumes under a snow suit this year! I hope you enjoyed walking around your neighbourhoodd, talking to your neighbours and enjoying a fun (and spooky) holiday!

As we prepare for the next holiday season reember to make the most of sunny warm days, down time with your family and take the opportunity to connect with your community when the opportunity arises. If you are looking for an opportunity to give back to people within your community who might not be looking forward to the Christmas season, get in touch with Tina at Christmas Elves. In addition to donations of food, baby items and unwrapped Christmas gifts they are always looking for volunteers to make Christmas brighter and more joyful for those less fortunate, right here in Beaumont!

Take care and remember you ARE and ASSET BUILDER!

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