Monday, September 20, 2010

Parents as Asset Builders....Building Assets in your child, one at a time

Most parents want their kids to succeed....the 40 Developmental Assets have been clearly shown to help kids do just that! Over the next several months I am going to be highlighing an asset or two here on the FCSS Blog. Describe what it is and how these specific assets can be developed in our kids. I'm starting out with the most obvious and straightforward, even though they might seem like commen sense to most parents I think they warrant highlighting. Here are all of the 40 Developmental Assets:

Lets start with #1 Family Support. For a young person to feel like they have family support means they have a safe home and family life. They feel like they are valued as a member of the family and would describe their family as a "safe place". Young people need to be around people that love, care for, appreciate, and accept them. The family unit regardless of what that looks like is the first and most important place a child should feel all of those things. We can all say we love our children...think about how your child knows that to be true. Think about how your child knows they are appreicated and accepted for who they are. Parents really set the tone for how these important components of family life are communicated and more importantly demonstrated. Telling your child you love them, listening to what they have to say about school, interests and life in general, and letting them know you appreciate all that they are and do are all great ways to build Family Support.

Remember, there are no "butts" in the 40 Developmental Assets! Be an Asset Builder Today!

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