Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping in Haiti

I can't seem to get Haiti out of my mind. It's more than coverage on TV and radio. It just seems unreal, the devastation, the loss, the chaos. While nearly 1/3rd of the entire population is reported to being affected by this earthquake, there are stories that provide hope. Assistance, supplies and people have been arriving in Haiti since the earthquake last tuesday. Even here in Canada, where many of us may seem insulated form this terrible situation, we can help in very important ways. The need for help is great and diverse. In addition to the immediate situation of life and death, long term assistance and rebuilding will also be needed. I have included links to a variety of information links and sites to organizations that are providing aid. If you are able, please help in whatever way you can.

The Red Cross: This link to the Canadian Red Cross provides information about how to help and the current status of the situation in Haiti.

World Vision: A humanitarian organization that has been doing incredible work in all parts of the developing world. This organization has been in Haiti for many years and is working hard to help with the devastation in the aftermath of the earthquake. This group of dedicated individuals will be staying in Haiti on a long-term basis and helping with the rebuilding of homes, schools and communities.

Eight things to keep in mind about Haiti: This is an interesting blog post that explains botht the current situation in Haiti as well as some interesting information about their history and their future needs as a country.

Partners in Health: This organization has been working in Haiti for over 20 years. Check ou their link for more information on the current crisis and ideas on how to best help the people in this country.

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