Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Camp at Home Ideas

Wow, I have been away from my blog for what feels like a very long time. I recently completed a grant proposal to be able to bring the Kids & Drugs (The Power of Parents) program to Beaumont. I really have my fingers crossed that the funding comes through. It will allow us to really engage with parents and families who will most benefit from this interactive and informative workshop series.

On a more personal note...I just got back from a week of holidays and am getting out from under a pile of unanswered emails...telephone messages and dirty laundry! I'm back, and available via email or if you have questions about youth programming here in Beaumont...don't hesitate to contact me! Email: and phone 780 504-5969.

So now for some summer camp resources if you are trying to fill in the last few weeks of summer holidays with some home grown fun. If you want to build a cool summer camp structure check this out: Now if you are looking for summer craft ideas...this website has lots of resources. This web-site has some great ideas for stay at home vacations that the whole family will enjoy.

Get out there and enjoy these wonderful summer days ahead!

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