Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Snow!

Can you BELIEVE this SNOW? Actually, I can believe it quite easily, we're living in Alberta and it is only the middle of April. As Mother Nature proved last night and this morning...anything can happen, weather-wise, in Alberta in April.

I think, one great thing about snow, when we don't expect it is that is FORCES us to slow down. Not just in our driving, but also in the way it halts our natural tendancy to get so busy. If you don't have the energy, patience or where-with-all to get out and enjoy this unexpected snow fall...why not take the opportunity to enjoy the great INDOORS for the next few days.

Bring out a cool board game you haven't played for a while, start reading a new book as a family, rent and old movie, check out some new music on line, create a piece of artwork (see example of my 7 year old's collage above), or take this opportunity to connect with a friend or relative that you've been "too busy" to see or talk to.

So if you just can't handle getting out to enjoy this snow...stay indoors and use the opportunity to connect with family and/or friends in a new or old kind of way.

Stay Warm!

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